We believe in the transformative power of engaged people acting daily with excellence.


We seek excellence in our services on a daily basis. We are a reliable company and deeply committed to ethics. We add value to our client's business.

To help realize this, we have a high performance team with proactive employees who are willing to do their best every day.

Do you identify with this?

So, come and join the team that takes pride in working for this company.

My participation in the Young Professionals Program was one of the best opportunities I have ever had in my professional career as I could enhance my knowledge of the operations of one of Brazil’s largest construction companies. My project was selected and is currently in full operation in the company. This gives me great pride and the satisfaction that I have actively contributed to improving the company's processes. It is also proof that HTB values ​​its employees and provides equal opportunities to all of them.

Victor Gimenez, Engineering & Innovation architect

I am very proud to be part of the HTB team since 2010. It feels good to work for a company whose values ​are in line with our own, such as seriousness, ethics, balance, transparency and the quest for excellence. At HTB, the workplace environment is excellent and encourages unity, commitment and respect among employees. Here we can fulfill our professional goals and feel motivated to develop our career and contribute to  the success of the company. I feel valued and proud of belonging to the HTB family!

Adriana Machado, Business Development supervisor


Our workplace environment is inspiring and encourages teamwork.

We offer challenging opportunities to employees who are committed to results and who seek professional achievement.

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HTB has an integrated people management system that enables a structured view of the employees' career and performance.

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Investing in the development and growth of our employees is one of the hallmarks of our company.


Below, a few of our employee development programs:



We encourage learning and the professional development of university students from a wide range of different fields.

Young Professionals


This program is designed for young graduates who enjoy challenges and wish to build the foundations for a successful career. We develop an integrated view of processes and emphasize the interaction between different areas.

PCD (Disabled Employee Program)

We value inclusion and diversity, so we offer vacancies for disabled employees. Recruitment and selection are based on the skills and potential of each applicant, aimed at their adaptation to the workplace.

Leader Development

We believe in the transformative power of leaders. We invest in their continuous improvement to maintain the excellence and innovation of our processes.

Technical School


HTB provides a learning space for the circulation of technical knowledge with hands-on application to the company’s context. Employees are encouraged to act as multipliers by sharing their knowledge.

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