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Welcome to the HTB Group’s Ethics Channel!

To us, ethics and integrity are not virtues, but obligations! They are essential for building long-lasting and sustainable relationships and guide our business, processes and work relationships. Therefore, we provide all our employees, business partners, society and other stakeholders with a professional, confidential, safe and humane Ethics Channel.

We also have an Ethics Channel exclusively for women! 

Through this channel, we provide a welcoming, safe and respectful service operated only by women, who can report situations of harassment, discrimination and any type of violence in the workplace without embarrassment.

If you see of any deviation from our Code of Conduct, legislation or other internal rules,

don’t stay silent. Report it!




Contato Seguro, an HTB partner and a compliance specialist company, ensures the confidentiality of your information and provides assistance by an expert team. There is no need to identify yourself. The 0800 number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

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