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Conduta Ética

The HTB Group has a track record of excellence and has greatly contributed to the construction of buildings, industrial plants, infrastructure and project management in Brazil, always guided by its principles.


Through this ESG perspective, we aim to strengthen our values, impact our stakeholders with continuous improvements and foster a strong culture of sustainability, by incorporating it across the board, while motivating our employees to contribute to the success of these ESG-focused initiatives with one motto in mind:

PHealthy planet, healthy

and engaged people.



Our growth is directly linked to sustainable performance in our sector, from a respectful workplace to the planning of contrauction projects that prioritize the reduction of natural resources and impacts on neighboring communities. Our work begins with strategy analysis and alignment using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at achieving sustainable economic, social and environmental development.



We are committed to continually following this path, integrating sustainability into our operations and offering innovative solutions, such as eWOOD, a building project that generates a lower environmental impact.


Learn about the main activities and the performance of the HTB Group in managing its economic, social and environmental impacts. 

Conheça o Relatório de Transparência e Igualdade Salarial das empresas do Grupo HTB. 

We are aware of our responsibility to the planet and society.



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