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Knowing what is expected of us, where we stand, how far we can go and how we can get there.

Allows employees to have greater knowledge of their performance, based on clear criteria that facilitate the dialogue between leaders and their team members.

Provides guidelines for employee development and greater clarity about their career development.

Allows employees to know what the company’s expectations of their performance are and reinforces what behaviors are expected from employees in their daily work routine.

Records the evolution of employees and their contribution to the company over time. This prevents data from being lost during transfers.

Offers a broader view of the staff to ensure better planning.

Enables employee appreciation and recognition according to their level of contribution to the company.

Helps the company’s decision-making regarding people management.

Integrated People Management

A well-structured people management system provides an overview of the employees’ performance based on the skills and targets needed to ensure the company’s success. It allows establishing an individual development plan to empower employees in their continuous improvement. The implementation of integrated people management practices ensures that the HTB Group makes better decisions regarding its staff.

Positive results and benefits for everyone involved.

Assessment of their individual skills and team goals, stating their contribution to the company’s results.

Skills development to enhance the employees’ employability and their value to the company.

Contribute to the development of their team members.

Lead teams that are better prepared to deliver the agreed results.

Possibility to rely on increasingly skilled employees who are aligned with their present and future needs

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