Project management and standard works


Burger King Brasil

(Our client since 2016)


HTB undertakes from feasibility studies, engineering design and legal approvals to the delivery of the keys. More than 500 commissions between project design and construction works were undertaken and 80 new stores were built.

Raia Drogasil

(Our client since 2017)


HTB provides contracting services from bidding to project management to delivery of the keys. To date, the company has built more than 75 five Raia Drogasil stores. 


(Our client since 2018)


HTB develops project design for Itaú Bank and was commissioned to perform services in more than 180 branches.


(Our client since 2018)


HTB provides from detailed engineering design  to delivery of the keys and has built more than 10 new Popeyes restaurants in Brazil. 


(Our client since 2017)


HTB undertakes bidding and project design for various BSP construction projects.

D1000 Varejo 


HTB undertakes from bidding to project management to delivery of the keys, and to date more than 20 D1000 stores have been expanded, renovated or built. 

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