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Palácio Tangará Hotel - July

GTI Partners has hired HTB to perform Palácio Tangará Hotel’s retrofit and construction work completion in a privileged area of São Paulo.

This masterpiece has been handed out to GTIS Partners and Oetker Collection Group, which is as group with an exclusive selection of luxury hotels in the world.

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VBI Extrema – June

KERN Engenharia, a company of the HTB Group, has been hired by VBI Real Estate, a private equity fund manager focused on the real estate sector, to build sheds and external areas, located in Extrema, Minas Gerais.

With a total constructed area of 28,796 m² and a delivery period of eight months, the scope of services includes the construction of two sheds, utilities building, concierge adjustments and external areas

Natura – May

HTB delivered the administrative headquarters building of Natura, located in São Paulo, to RB Capital Anhanguera Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário - FII.

It is a building with an audacious and well-designed architectural project in which the scope comprised the construction of 29,700 m², comprising the new administrative headquarters of Natura, central of utilities, belvedere and the new concierge. The external area of 21,400 m² includes the services of infrastructure, parking, road rehabilitation of existing roads and landscaping.

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RGC Yara – April

The HTB Group has been hired to carry out the works of the Rio Grande Consolidation Project, owned by Yara Brasil Fertilizantes, located in the city of Rio Grande, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The project, with a 30-month execution period and a concrete volume of 56,000 m³, consists of new facilities to be installed in free areas (Greenfield), as well as several integrations with existing facilities (Brownfield).

03.03.2017 - Avenues’ New Campus in São Paulo

The American school, Avenues: The World School, has hired HTB to build their first Campus outside the United States and in Brazil.

The school is being built in São Paulo and the service scope includes the retrofit of existing building and construction of a new building with 5 floors, in a total constructed area of 55,534 m².

02.16.2017 - Retrofit of Miguel de Cervantes Theater

Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish School, has hired HTB for retrofit services of their existing building, where the theater is located.

The scope includes the following services: demolition, excavation, concrete / metal structure, sealing, glass skin, frames, waterproofing, coatings, painting, luminaires, electrical / hydraulic installations and a wood stage.

02.01.2017 - Inauguration of the new headquarters of Infoglobo

HTB is proud to have built the new Infoglobo headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.
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11.12.2016 - Case of Success

Construtora TEDESCO has won the award "Case of success” at the 2nd HealthARQ Forum Award, for the expansion of Moinhos de Vento Hospital, in Porto Alegre / RS - Block 16, which includes hospitalization units, an ICU and a Hematologic Therapy Unit. Due to the work’s technical sophistication, its processes and routines were supported by PHEO (HTB’s Operational Excellence Program). In addition, executing the work in parallel with buildings in operation and the difficulty to access the site, were not considered barriers to the field teams.

Pedro Silber - TEDESCO Director, was present at the award ceremony, held at APAS headquarters in São Paulo to receive the award that highlights our expertise in the hospital market, which is one object of our business strategy in the building market.

11.04.2016 - New Infrastructure Work - Fibria Terminal STS-07

HTB and KERN, our Group Companies, were recently contracted to construct the Terminal STS-07 that consists in the demolition of an existing warehouse and the construction of a new one for pulp storage in Santos – São Paulo, Brazil.

09.30.2016 - New storage building GLP Irajá

KERN was contracted by GLP to build a warehouse in Irajá - Rio de Janeiro, one of the world's leading park, condominiums and logistic sheds suppliers.

With an eight-month delivery period, the scope of HTB's services covers the drafting of the execution planning, the foundations, metal structure, installations, concrete flooring and external areas.

01.09.2016 - Delivery of Paranaguá Warehouse to Klabin

KERN, a HTB Group company specialized in logistic and industrial warehouses, delivered to Klabin the Logistics Warehouse which will serve as the pulp logistics’ facility for the port of Paranaguá in Paraná, Brazil.

08.22.2016 - From now on, HOCHTIEF do Brasil is HTB!

HOCHTIEF do Brasil celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its foundation. On August 22nd, 1966, when HOCHTIEF AG, a German construction company came to Brazil, the company HOCHTIEF do Brasil was founded and it started its activities.

In 2016, HOCHTIEF do Brasil completes 50 years of experience in the country and gathers a wide experience with an extensive technical collection of more than 500 works performed for various markets and segments, such as: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Steel, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Hypermarkets Distribution Centers, Hotels, Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Data Centers, Thermoelectric, Small Hydroelectric Plants, etc. These works surpass 7 million square meters built in the country and 4 million cubic meters of concrete. Over the past 50 years, the company has built its own history, won recognition and consolidated its brand in the Brazilian market. Today, in celebration of the Golden Anniversary, a new era begins with brand innovation.

From now on, HOCHTIEF do Brasil is HTB!

04.12.2016 - Mercedes-Benz Iracemápolis – 1st phase

In March of 2016, the first phase of the Mercedes-Benz site, located in Iracemápolis city, was delivered to the client, who officially inaugurated the plant in a solemn event with the presence of authorities, suppliers and the press.

This project is a milestone in the automotive segment, for being the first car factory Mercedes-Benz assembly plant in Latin America and the fastest ever implemented in the world, and has an important social legacy for the city of Iracemápolis and region.

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03.20.2016 - Delivery of site

HTB has finished the works of the Data Center of Center - Center of Information and Coordination BR point.

The project was designed to accommodate a data center of 600 m² and two floors to corporate offices in a total area of approximately 7,450 m².

02.15.2016 - Delivery of the project Vista Faria Lima

The HTB completed the construction for the customer GTIS Partners, a commercial tower "Triple A", named Vista Faria Lima, with 17 floors, covering, five basements, unitized, 21 curved and tilted.

The development is located on the axis of Faria Lima and Juscelino Kubitschek, in Atilio Innocenti Street and has the precertification Leed Gold - granted by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

01.26.2016 - New Jobs in paper and pulp

The HTB was hired by Andritz for the execution of civil works of the Woodyard and drying building, in Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul, in the Project Horizon 2 Fibria.

The scope of services is the complete implementation of deep foundations, shallow, concrete structures cast in situ or precast, underground, floors, street layout, hydro sanitary facilities, building finishes, roof, side closure, metal ladders, among others.

01.10.2016 - New work - Pátio da Marítima

HTB has been contracted to build the first tower of the project Pátio da Marítima, which will have five underground levels, ground floor and 21 floors of offices, located in Rio de Janeiro, to the client Tishman Speyer.

12.20.2015 - New works of TEDESCO - Hospital Moinhos de Vento e SAUR

Construtora TEDESCO, a HTB’s Group company has been contracted to carry out two new projects in Rio Grande do Sul to the clients Hospital Moinhos de Vento and SAUR Equipments.

For Hospital Moinhos de Vento, the company will be carried out the civil works, air conditioning and installations of the Block 16 in Porto Alegre, which will be destined to hospital and intensive care unit. And for SAUR, TEDESCO was contracted to develop additional projects and the implementation of the new administrative building and conciergefo the company, based in Panambi, a german colonization area, which is approximately 400 km from the capital Porto Alegre.

09.04.2015 - Consolação Building

HTB recently began construction of a new building with future LEED Silver certification, in the downtown area of the city of São Paulo, with access by Angélica Avenue and Consolação Street in a zone with maximum restriction and circulation. Construction will be concluded in 26 months and will be delivered during the second semester of 2017.

The project’s scope comprises of the first pre-construction phase, with the implementation of engineering solutions and the development of the projects to meet the client’s assumptions and needs with the construction of a commercial building with five basements, a ground floor, 1st floor (mezzanine), 10 attic and penthouse floors. This building will have exclusive garages, bank branch and stores.

The construction of the building will consist of the following stages: demolition, containment, foundations, superstructure, waterproofing, electrical, hydraulic and air-conditioning installations, automation and firefighting, glass wall facades, various coatings and finishes in conformity with the client’s specifications