Whistleblowing Channel

Welcome to HTB’s Whistleblowing Channel.

Over the last 50 years, the HTB Group has built its pillars based on integrity, transparency and reliability. In order to strengthen the company’s values and ensure an ethical conduct by its employees, inspiring respect and trust, the HTB Group, in a partnership with a third-party specialized provider, Contact Seguro, offers its employees, clients and stakeholders an Whistleblowing Channel to report evidences of corruption or other irregularities or acts of noncompliance with law, with the principles contained in our Code of Conduct or with our internal rules.

Comments, doubts and suggestions are also welcome in this channel!

Contact Seguro carries out independent and objective assessments as well as a team of experts, ensuring maximum confidentiality for all users of this reporting channel. Your identification is not required.

Call 0800-601-6899 (available 24/7), access http://contatoseguro.com.br/grupohtb for the Whistleblowing Channel.

When accessing the website, enter “Grupo HTB” in the “Organization Name” field.

* You are in a secure and confidential environment, hosted outside HTB Group.

We contribute to creating a more ethical and honest society!